male enhancementHi im Bill Debliar. Welcome to my website! I made this site to discuss some very important topics. All of these will mainly be about male health and reproductive health. Right now there is a whole controversy about the male enhancement. There is also no proof that women prefer men with a long penis but the media is full about information regarding the enlargement methods. Lets take a close look at them (at the methods, of course)! For start, we have to mention that there are many pills recommended for the penis enlargement. It is your choice which one you use. First and most affordable method to get psychic comfort is to eliminate the pubic hair, which will create the illusion of a bigger penis. Another possibility, but more expansive and more complicated is to inject fat in the penis, fact that will make it look bigger for a while. Unfortunately, this method does only miracles about the thickness of the dick and not about its length. Finally, some doctors practice a surgery of cutting the ligaments that sustain the penis of abdomen which will make it droop aside of the body and to look longer. And of course, there are the pills, under various names with more or less effect. As we can see, the possibilities are few and the effects are maybe more in psychic plan than real. Some will say that there is no reason for a man to get through some procedures since the women don’t care about a centimeter, in plus or in minus. The women say they want diversity: kisses, caresses, oral stimulation. So we can say that the skill of the partner is more important than the penis length. Why is this desire of men for a penis enlargement? The specialists say that is all about the competition that appears between males, the sensation of domination and of power, the assurance that they will be chosen in the detriment of other due to their penis.

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